Generative Artificial Intelligence in Teaching Workshop


To provide participants with the skills and knowledge to integrate Generative Artificial Intelligence (such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, among others) into their teaching practice to explore and apply generative tools in the design of educational activities, as well as to provide strategies for evaluating and optimizing the use of these technologies in the classroom.


Target audience

Teaching and administrative staff, as well as technology personnel from educational institutions.


Distance learning with an instructor or in-person.


The teaching is carried out through a theoretical class that includes practical examples for understanding and application in the classroom in the short term.

Course Topics

Assessment and certification

A certificate of participation is awarded to all individuals who achieve 80% attendance. Upon completing the program, attendees undergo an evaluation. Those who pass with an 80% score receive the "Teaching with Generative Artificial Intelligence" certification.

We rely on the use of ChatGPT and Microsoft Designer, although we also showcase other tools for content generation!

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